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Boarding Grooming Services

We value our pet patients and aim to provide top tier care for them while you are away. Our utmost concern is for your pet's wellness and safety while they stay here with us in our facility. Our accomplished team takes great measures to make sure your pet is treated like one of their own with our doctor on site to address any concerns that may arise. Our large kennel facility allows our office to board all types of animals large and small. We are currently offering boarding to dogs, cats, and exotic animals.  The kennel facility also includes a bathing area for animals to receive several grooming services that are listed below. 


Includes basic shampoo and conditioner, complimentary nail trim & ear cleaning. Scented sprays and bandanas are available at no extra charge.  Add-ons are available and are labeled as such below.

*Dogs with thick or double coats may be automatically charged an extra blow out fee*

Nail Dremel (Add-on)

Nails will be filed and rounded to remove any sharp edges after clipping. This can also be added as an independent service! 

Anal Gland Expression (Add-on)

Anal glands will be expressed to aid in comfort and prevent issues in the future if your pet has a history of problems. This can also be added as an independent service!

Deshedding Package (Add-on)

Includes shed patrol shampoo, an in-bath shedding treatment, and a full blow out. This service is great for double coated dogs and can be added as independent services as well!

Medicated Shampoo (Add-on)

EFA Shampoo (Essential Fatty Acid)

- This shampoo can be used to treat dry or flaky skin. No prescription needed!

CK Shampoo (CHX + KET)

- This shampoo is used to treat skin conditions with Vet recommendation and prescription ONLY.

Sanitary Trim (Add-on)

Staff are able to remove mats, trim fur from problematic areas, and remove hair from their sanitary area. 

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